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Store your documents in archive

Store on ChemBase, access them anywhere and keep track.

Store your documents, so you always have the full overview and can access them, no matter if you are on the go, in the office or at the production facilities.

Automatically save safety data sheets when uploading new ones. This complies with the 10 years of rules from authorities for sds documentation.

Option for User login directly to relevant products / documents.

Create processes that contain multiple chemical risk assessments.

The system allows you to create new users and decide whether your documents should be public, allowing customers and partners to access them, or internal, allowing only selected employees to see them.

1 administrator per company is included in the price, with the possibility of purchasing additional administrator profiles. The price includes an unlimited number of users.

Digitally prepare your documents here

By using our system, you can easily prepare chemical risk assessments, processes containing several chemical risk assessments and written instructions according to Danish, Norwegian and Swedish regulations.

Naturally, ChemBase also allows for these documents to be saved, edited, and easily retrieved. You are always welcome to call or write to us, and we will be happy to explain more about how the system works. We can also help manage the system and write the documents for you.

The right information and advice when you need it

Once you are logged in to ChemBase, you find a collection of relevant links to pages where you can easily search for classifications of substances and chemicals. This makes it easy for you to examine the classifications of substances in your safety data sheets, and we are always ready to help if needed.

In the database, we have entered threshold limit values ​for chemical substances in Denmark, England, Sweden, and Norway. The threshold limit values are continuously updated, making it possible for you to always find an up-to-date limit value for the country you need.